The Comic

Maxwell Rollins, desperate for a job, takes a position that he’s not quite clear about at a company that he’s never heard of on a floor that is more chaotic than a Kindergarten classroom after birthday cupcakes. The job description never mentioned unstable coworkers or explosives (but the insurance waiver did). Will he survive long enough to collect his first paycheck? Or will he descend into insanity like the rest of the floor?

The Sixth Floor is based on a proposed television show of the same name by Michael Szumowski and Peter Tarkulich that unfortunately floundered for years before being abandoned. Peter would occasionally dust it off and retool it, but it wasn’t until he decided to turn it into a webcomic that it really started taking shape. With Michael’s blessing, Peter recreated the world and characters of The Sixth Floor for an internet audience.

The Artist

Peter Tarkulich is a veteran of the webcomic world, having done the comic Bardsworth from 2005 to 2017 when it was put on indefinite hiatus. After taking a break from comics to recharge and improve his artwork, The Sixth Floor is his attempt at working with a new world and characters.

Peter is also an author, a home brewer, and a certified beer judge. He loves movies, music, and coffee. Oh, and his family.

Man with a goofy smile holding a cardboard medallion reading "World's Best Dad"